Gia Allemand | Passed Away

August 14, 2013 People

Gia Allemand Gia Allemand | Passed Away

Today, sad news of Gia Allemand’s passing has been so hard to process.  Gia is the type of girl who should have never left so early as the world needs people more like her.  My wife, Elise Kephart and myself had the great pleasure to hang out with Gia for a few days; while Sunset Honda hosted Toys for Tots, December 2011.  Erica, Gia and I, had meshed so well that we stayed in contact even after the event.  We had been invited to visit her in New York, but never got around to do so (aka, found out about our twins coming).  I wish we took her up on the visit,  It would have been nice to have been around such a positive roll model, one last time.


My Prayers go out to her family and friends.


Here is a link to a more detailed report: nydailynews